Interfacing with 3rd Party Applications: Hospital Accreditation Software

Technologies Features
SQL Server
IIS Server
.NET, MVC, Entity Framework
HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap
Secure Web Based Login (Accessible from anywhere)
Intuitive User Interface
Integrated Sorting and Filtering
Custom Reporting
Audit Trail
Client Portal
Microsoft Surface Support
Handwriting Recognition

The Client
Our client is one of the leading Hospital Accreditation Consultants in the United States. Their services include evaluating medical institutions (like hospitals and emergency care facilities) to provide insight on potential risks and priorities. They subsequently provide a report detailing their findings so that the medical facility staff can take appropriate actions to correct any shortcomings prior to The Joint Commission’s official visit.

The Problem
When our client first contacted us, they were highly dependent on Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets. Excel was their primary tool for data collection and reporting. They were looking for a way that multiple users could input and manage data simultaneously. They started searching for a Microsoft Access developer to design a program based on their spreadsheets, but Access was not powerful enough for what they needed.

The Process
After flying to their headquarters and meeting in person, we came up with a proposal that would totally overhaul their system. By sitting down and learning their work-flow, we identified the best way to optimize their process. As discussion continued we recommended features that would eventually revolutionize their services.

The Solution
The application that was developed allowed our client to harness the power of their data and eliminate redundant and superfluous tasks. The system maintains templates for each service that they offer, and facilitates the creation of new surveys based on those templates. Consultants can [simultaneously] submit findings during their evaluation of the facility and easily manage and maintain their notes. The system aggregates the findings into into a report that is presented to the facility. The crown jewel of the application is a client portal that allows representatives from the facility to log in and view their mock survey results. The portal provides historical analysis, charts and graphs and even an auto-generated executive summary report.

Date: 01-24-2017



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