Interfacing with 3rd Party Applications: Safety Data Sheet Automation

Technologies Features
Microsoft SQL Server
.NET, MVC, Entity Framework
Visual Basic (VB)
Third Party Integration
Windows Task Scheduler
File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

The Client
Our client is one of the leading manufacturers of chemical standards in the USA. They specialize in custom chemical solutions and produce tens of thousands of unique solutions for laboratories around the world. Because each solution is a unique blend of chemical elements, each solution must have its own unique Safety Data Sheet (SDS), which lists the blend’s detailed chemical composition, precautionary and hazard statements, handling instructions and other relevant safety information.

The Problem
Our client was overwhelmed by the amount of manual data entry involved in producing these custom SDS documents.  With production reaching as many as 100 custom solutions daily, the staff was spending hours a day inputting detailed chemical information into a website provided by a third party safety compliance service.  In order to keep costs in line and reduce errors, the client needed a more accurate and efficient system to generate SDSs. In addition to internal pressures to improve the process, our client needed to abide by more stringent labeling standards formally known as the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS), which made the project time sensitive.

The Solution
Working closely with our client’s Regulatory Officer, Product Document Supervisor and a team from the third party safety data sheet compliance service, we developed an automated system that would allow our client’s LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) to communicate directly with the third party service and generate an SDS. Once the SDS is generated, our client’s LIMS retrieves the data and generates GHS compliant documentation, drastically reducing the need for manual data entry or human intervention.

Date: 08-18-2017



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