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We Are Targeted

Targeted Technologies LLC is a boutique Custom Software Development and Managed IT Services firm stationed on the Jersey Shore.  For over 20 years we have serviced businesses and organizations nationwide in a wide array of industries.  Our staff works hand-in-hand with you to design, develop, implement and maintain software and IT solutions.  We strive to minimize problems and downtime and maximize efficiency and productivity so our clients can concentrate on the operations of their business.

Custom Software Design

  • Application Design & Development
  • Custom Programming
  • Software Developers



Managed IT

  • Managed Service Provider (MSP)
  • Managed IT Support
  • Managed Service Agreement


  • onTarget Managed IT Services
  • 24/7 Monitoring & Alerting
  • Focused Management
  • Personalized Support


  • Fixed Monthly IT Costs
  • Unlimited Remote & Onsite Support
  • Antivirus & Anti Spam Support
  • Secure Cloud Based Backup
  • Periodic IT Reviews

Network Services

  • IT Support
  • Network Consulting
  • Help Desk


  • Business Continuity
  • Information Security
  • Internet Backup


  • Disaster Recovery
  • IT Project Consulting
  • Network Installation and Configuration
  • Web & Cloud Hosting
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Paperless Office Consulting
  • PDA & Smartphone Synchronization

Managed IT

24/7 Monitoring & Support,
Fixed Monthly Cost

Custom Software

Application Development
Tailored to Your Every Need

Managed IT & Custom Software, Strategically Harmonized

Targeted Technologies offers both Networking Services and Custom Application Development. Think of your company’s computer network as a brick & mortar foundation, and the software you use as the house that rests upon it. Both equally critical. Both aspects of business that when done wrong can cause productivity to plummet. Our staff is made up of qualified network technicians that set up and maintain your foundation (read: Network) and skilled software developers that architect, construct and support your house (read: Software).

Often times our clients require both networking and software design services. Other times they are need of only one or the other. Our Network Techs have experience with many common (and not-so-common) off-the-shelf software packages that you may me utilizing. They can also support your in-house or outsourced programming department. Likewise, our application engineers have implemented software solutions hand-in-hand with other IT Firms that service our clients.

Can Targeted Fix Your Tech Nightmare?

Software Troubles

Scenario — You Can’t Find Off-the-Shelf Software that Fits Your Business Model
You’ve done your due diligence and met with the sales teams for countless software packages. No single package contains all the features that you really need. Making do with bloated or inefficient software is hurting your bottom line.

Solution — Know When It’s Time to Go Custom
When faced with the challenges of a unique business model, it can be difficult to find software that fits-in. You might be surprised to hear that Targeted is a big proponent for off-the-shelf software. When pre-written software exists and it solves your problems, it’s almost always the best route to take.

That being said, big box software companies write applications that will make do for the most businesses as possible. They are not focused on pleasing you, they are focused on finding a market large enough that it becomes profitable to focus on. Do the research, and know when it’s time to go custom.

Scenario — Buried in Excel Spreadsheets
They worked when your client base was smaller, but now it’s too much work for the staff. There’s only one person in your office that knows how to edit the formulas.

Solution — Adapt and Conquer
It might be time to take a dip into the custom software ocean. We can write a program that does everything your spreadsheet did plus more.

Excel Master? We can integrate your spreadsheet as a template and automate creation, data push, and data fetch.

Scenario — Your Custom Program Has Stopped Working
You had a developer come in and create a Microsoft Access Program that solves your business’ unique workflow issues. That was 10 years ago. Now they don’t support the application and features have stopped working.

Solution — Update, Integrate, or Replace
We have a fair bit of experience taking over legacy software that was custom-made for for a business. Sometimes the solution is simple and we can modify the existing program.

Other times we need to keep the legacy system up and running, but tap into it and extend the features to a new application.

It’s important to know the value of your custom software (how much time and money it’s saving you) and also to know when the application has reached the end of it’s usefulness. Let’s keep the best features of Version 1 and add what was missing when we develop Version 2.0.

I.T. Woes

Scenario — Retirement Is Approaching
The point person for your IT team is retiring and you are struggling to find a replacement. You need to choose between hiring internally or finding a company that is right for you.

Solution — Transition Experts
We’ve assisted many companies in transitioning from in-house IT to a Managed Service Agreement. Targeted will evaluated your current configuration and meet with your existing team to learn the important details of your system. By switching to Targeted, you now have a team of technicians monitoring your network. No more waiting around for something to break, we suggest proactive improvements to the network and keep an eye on things 24/7.

Scenario — Answer Your Cellphone!
Your IT guy is great when he answers his phone and is available to help, but that seems to be less and less often. He’s not meeting the needs of your growing company.

Solution — We’re Waiting for Your Call
Our help desk administrators and technicians are standing by to receive your requests. A ticket will be created and assigned to the next available tech. Clients also have access to an online portal where they can submit and monitor their open tickets. 90% of tickets can be addressed remotely, and on-site visits are scheduled at time convenient to you.

In the event of an emergency, there is staff on-call around the clock to answer your call and assess the situation.

Scenario — The Server Was Down All Weekend and No One Knew
You arrived at work on Monday to realize your system was down all weekend. You had no idea something was wrong and now you are scrambling to get up and running.

Solution — Targeted Knows
Included as part of Targeted’s Managed Service Agreement, alerts are sent to our technicians the moment something is wrong on your network. We’ll notify you of the situation and stop a small problem from becoming a large one.

Twenty Years in the Making

And We’re In It for the Long Haul

A Company With Deep Roots In Technology

Targeted Technologies LLC was started by Michael Schlachter in 1996 in Toms River, New Jersey. The company focused on network & computer setup and repair and maintained the configurations for many small businesses in and around Toms River. In 1998 Mike met Brian Owens, a young computer programmer with a business specializing in custom software and database design. In 1999 Mike and Brian pooled their clients and formed the Targeted Technologies of today. Providing both networking and software design services allows Targeted to offer complete and seamless IT Consulting to any small or mid-sized business.

Targeted has grown to employ 10 full-time staff members and proudly serves clients not just in New Jersey, but across the country. We work with businesses in all wide variety of industries ranging from companies with 10 employees to those with 300.