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Business Intelligence

Knowing is Half the Battle

One Term With Many Meanings

BI starts with taking control of your data: aggregating internal and external data sources, analyzing and creating insights, and generating data visualizations that empower you to make informed choices. The term has come to refer to the general act of mining insights and trends from various data pools. It can be implemented in a lot of different ways depending on your immediate and long term goals, and is associated with terms like KPIs, Data Analytics, Enterprise Reporting, Operational BI, and more.

Targeted has integrated a few different forms of BI into custom software that we’ve developed. We work closely with the client to identify their goals as a company and use that as a starting point to determine what kind of deliverables would benefit them the most. Usually business intelligence is focused towards providing executives or management with the tools and information to better guide their operations, however making these insights and resources available to various levels of administration has been shown to improve productivity and enterprise.

Continue reading below for some more information about how Business Intelligence can be leveraged towards your various objectives.

Key Performance Indicators

KPIs can tell you in an instant what is going on inside your business. They are strategic markers for company health that indicate oncoming growth or decline. Having the ability to monitor these indispensable signals is crucial to running a business. KPIs can be anything from gross revenue to average unit price. The most insightful fields can vary depending on your business, but it is very important to identify what they are and implement a simple way to monitor and track them.

Interactive Widgets

What’s better than a static widget? An interactive widget. Often times viewing a dashboard filled with KPI widgets is enough to monitor the daily operations of your business. But sometimes you need the human touch to identify the real takeaway. By giving you the ability to interact and play with the widget data, you are more likely to find what really matters to you.

Employee Progress Tracking

Getting a gauge on your employees productivity can be nearly impossible. By adding a dashboard module to your custom software system, you can harness the data being gathered in other portions of the program and display it in real-time output. Set up some employee goals and put some progress widgets on the staff side of the program to enable them to track and improve their own output.

Critical Goal Tracking

Seeing your goals every day can give you the motivation to meet and exceed them. Without knowing, you are driving blind toward your year-end. Critical goal tracking can give you the knowledge to identify & correct shortcomings and focus & amplify your strengths. From a management, department or individual’s level, having the data available and displayed in a user-friendly format can fill-in the missing links of your production chain.

Customized Reporting

There may be 5 reports that give you 75% of the intel you need, but in order to get the last 25% you need to do some customization. Having the ability to sort, filter and group your reports can highlight the data in a way that best demonstrates the true significance. It’s important to have a flexible reporting system that doesn’t lock you into a preset mold. Like other aspects of custom software, sometimes a human touch is necessary to uncover an accurate reading.

Data Insights

Utilizing a custom software system has many advantages. One of those perks is having access to all of the data that is coursing through your company. Combing through gigabytes of data isn’t really an option, but designing a system to automatically identify important trends is. Data insights can be displayed in the form of widgets, graphs, charts, reports and more. You tell us what the meaningful markers are and we develop a system that can automatically analyze and pinpoint your companies outlook.

Live Charts & Graphs

See your business’ data in real time. Watch as the day’s numbers stream onto your dashboard in the form of charts and graphs. See the executive summary for today, this week, this month, this quarter, this year. Stay on top of your data and make informed and smart decisions.