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Legacy Software

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Legacy Custom Software Support, Maintenance & Modifications

Custom Software Applications come in all shapes and sizes.  Some are well thought out end to end applications developed to manage an organizations entire workflow from inception and some have humble beginnings as small little databases initially developed to manage a few key processes and over time grow into large scale company wide system critical applications.  Regardless of their history many custom applications so uniquely fit a companies business model that replacing them, regardless their age can be an overwhelming task.  In such situations rather than look for replacements companies look for ways to continue to modify their application to meet their ever changing business needs while migrating the application to a more modern platform.

Some companies find themselves in situations where they need someone to continue to support and improve their custom application.  Some examples are:

  • An in house developer has retired, quit, moved on or gotten promoted and can no longer support the application
  • The custom application was developed as a small side project by a staff member who has other critical responsibilities but the project has now grown and needs more attention
  • The application has grown and now requires expertise beyond the that of the original developer
  • The original development firm is no longer available to support the application

Regardless of the situation we can help.  We have worked with a variety of companies with legacy systems that for one reason or another were in search of help supporting and growing their custom software solution.  We follow the following process to help these customers stabilize their situation and then work with them to take their application to the next level

Immediate Support & Stabilization

Once provided the source code we can get to work on addressing any urgent problems and implement fixes to get things stabilized.  From that point on we can support your staff when issues arise

System & Process Evaluation

Once the urgent concerns are addressed, support is available and the system is stable we can evaluate the entire application and how it is addressing your organizations business model.  We will sit with your staff to learn their workflow, learn how they use the system in its current state, identify their obstacles and listen to their suggestions and wish list.  We will also evaluate the suitability of the development platform as well as it long term support options.

After this evaluation we can present our suggestions for the system which may be some minor tweaks or a multi phase upgrade to improve the efficiency, address the changing business model and migration to a more suitable and modern platform

Development & Roll Out

Our developers will begin the process of improving the system to address the needs while working to maintain the systems stability and minimize disruptions to the day to day operation.

Ongoing Support

Before, during and after development and roll out we are there to continue to support the application and when the needs arise continue to modify the application to improve efficiency, address changes in business or workflow  or to implement newer technologies to improve the user experience.