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Custom Software Design & Development with Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL is powerful relational database software that serves as the backbone of most of our products. SQL Server runs on a network server or web server and allows connections from authenticated users. When being used inside of an office, SQL can authenticate users based on their Windows login and track and assign permissions on a login per login basis. MSSQL is a perfect solution when Microsoft Access is not powerful enough.

Connections can be made to the SQL database from many different front-end applications, whether they be web based, MS Access driven, or any other user facing UI. This provides the advantage of creating many parts of a unified system that all work together in harmony. You may have a hand-held based web app that runs on warehouse scanners that connects to the database, or software that runs on a tablet device and allows connections for technicians in the field, while at the same time powering the software in your home office. The options are limitless, and thanks to SQL secure.

SQL Around the World

SQL is the go to solution for many corporations around the world, large and small. It has the important benefit of being extremely salable, making it the right choice for small and medium sized businesses and up. A correctly configured SQL server can cut through millions of rows of data like a hot knife through butter. It empowers users to take control of their data and put it to work for them. If you have a database and are not querying for key data points, then you are losing important information about your business that can increase sales, identify weak points and promote success. SQL server lays the groundwork for a system that can help your business succeed, take back your data today!