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Web Portals

Personalized Access for All

Customer Portal

Give your customers the ability to log in and view their open orders, past invoices, or current balance. Let them run custom reports based on the services you’ve provided them. Give them a dashboard with widgets that keeps them up to date with every aspect of your business relationship. Go paperless by providing all the information you normally do, on the portal available 24/7. By providing your clients with their own home page, you give them the power to access their historical data, insight reporting and analytics. Empower your clients and show off the work you are doing for them. Highlight the value of your services and make it easier and more efficient for your customers to communicate and spend more money.

Technician Portal

When your employees are on the road it can be difficult for them to stay on top of paperwork. Tablets are the new clipboards and portals are the new worksheets. Give your technicians the power of your computer systems in the palm of their hand. A technician portal can tap directly into your company database and provide historical data, reports, client information, job details, etc via a secure and mobile web page. Not only can you provide your existing data to your mobile employees, but you can also allow them to enter job info into the portal while their on the move. When your tech enters the results of their work into the portal, the data is instantly accessible by your in-office staff. Eliminate the lag time normally associated with remote employees. No more taking notes on the job and then double entering them into the system that night or the next day. A technician portal is a direct link between your office and your mobile employees, and gives them the benefits of sitting in front of their workstation with the mobility of a smartphone or tablet.

Management Dashboard

It can be tough to keep up with the day-to-day workings of your growing business. A management dashboard can provide you with a snapshot of today’s work in a format that is easy to intake. Keep an eye on your cash flow and A/R or monitor purchasing and sales with widgets that give you an important overview. Our Management Dashboard also provides key performance indicators (KPI) for month to date, year to date, MTD vs MTD last year, YTD vs YTD last year, etc. It is designed to be user friendly and provide the most critical and most telling insights based off your accumulated data.

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Department Portals

Department portals are a little different than customer or technician portals. They are in essence a personalized dashboard for your employees that displays their queue for the day. Think of a to-do list that allows for assignment, process tracking, and completion. Important tasks will no longer fall through the cracks and prioritizing can help get work done in a more efficient and timely manner. This also allows for workplace analytics and production workflow statistics.

Production Portal

What if I told you that there was a way to track every process that is occurring in your company right now. A production portal lists each work order (or sales order) and displays the status of the item. You can quickly and easily see exactly where each item is sitting in your building. You can see which department it is in, how long it has been there, who is working on it, any complications, etc. It’s an overview of production that displays granular data (like a department portal that shows all departments). If a customer wants an update on their order, you can tell them exactly where it is along the path to completion. You can also collect metrics on how much time is spent in each department and use that data to implement goals.

Communication Dashboard

A communication dashboard is your company’s home base. An intranet of information presented to your employees when they first open their browser. This can mean a lot of things. You can keep track of company events, internal memos, project collaboration, time sheets, PTO. You can also store company wide documents, policies and forms.